Frequently Asked Questions

Bo knows you have questions on commissioning my artwork. Read all the FAQ's for the answers!

Q: I'm interested in your sports art. What are your sizes?


2D Painting. 12" x 16" acrylics on canvas


Small – 12" x 9" (or approximately 108 sq. inches)

Medium – 20" x 14" (or approximately 280 sq. inches)

Large – 20" x 28" (or approximately 560 sq. inches)

Jumbo – 24" x 36" (or approximately 864 sq. inches)

If you'd like something even bigger, we can discuss cost and shipping. 


Q: And prices?


Start at $250+ (price varies upon customization - e.g. multi-athlete, complex background, lettering, etc.)


Smalls start at $425

Mediums start at $600

Larges start at $775

Jumbos start at $1,200

The starting prices includes one custom art piece with 1 player featured in 'Pop-Pop' style with an abbreviated, or simplified background. Add-ons can occur when additional requests are made, e.g. any extra players, lettering/numbering, complicated background additions or any of the like. 

Q: Can I see examples of pieces with simple, medium and complex backgrounds?

Sure! See samples below ranging from simple to medium to complex backgrounds that will affect pricing. 


Q: How do I commission a custom piece? 

Commissioning a piece is easy. All you have to do is do "Pick 3"

  1. Pick the Size
  2. Pick 2D or 3D (Pop-Pop)
  3. Pick the background style: Easy, Medium or Complex

Once you have your "Pick 3" send an email to or fill out the form below with your "Pick 3" info.  Once your piece has been confirmed by us both, you're provided a quote. If you decide to move forward, I require a 50% down payment, which can be paid via my website under the “Commission Payments” page (as mentioned above) or through Paypal if that suits you better.


Q: Why do I have to pay a 50% down payment?

The down payment holds your request in my queue as an officially commissioned piece. By doing this, you cannot be bumped in the order and can be sure that your piece gets made. Rest assured, once you make that payment, I can provide you with a definite list of my jobs and where you are seated in that list. I send out update e-mails to all of those who are waiting so you can track my progress. I'll add: you can get your down-payment back, no questions asked, at ANY time leading up to the beginning of your project and even then, we can work it out if needed.


Q: What is your Pop-Pop artwork?

I coined the term “Pop-Pop” in reference to a different style of artwork that I do which is similar to a wall sculpture (see example of classic wall-sculpture pictured below) but is still mainly a painting.

As for the name itself, It arose from these two factors:  I’m using highly representational imagery that’s pulled from popular culture. This explains the first ‘Pop' in the term, 'Pop-Pop'. Think of Andy Warhol's, Marilyn Monroe art, or his Campell's soup cans. The second ‘Pop’ refers to the 3-dimensionality of the work. It physically POPS off the plane of 2-dimensions.

Pop-Pop pieces are created from premium acrylic paints and varnishes, higher density foam board and some wood, mostly for structural support, so they are extremely light, easy to move and can be touched without fear of damaging the artwork. The lightweight also keeps the cost of shipping down. 

Example of wall sculpture (artist unknown)

Example of wall sculpture (artist unknown)

Q: Do I pick the picture or do you?

You can absolutely share images or photos of what you want for your piece. This helps me with creating a custom piece that you will love. If you’d rather have me choose the photo or background, I can do that too.


Q: How does shipping work?

My prices include shipping (except for 'Jumbo'-sized pieces). In MOST cases, I will pay to have UPS package (and ship) the item so it can be insured. On smaller pieces, it's easier for me to package the piece. In all cases, I will remain liable for the handling of the piece until it gets to you. Getting it to you safe, is obviously a huge priority. If it arrives damaged you will be refunded if I cannot fix it. Thankfully, this hasn't happened to date. There is a 15% add-on for any off-continent shipping. 

Commissioned RG3 Pop-Pop piece


Q: Why is my art a good investment?

In short, art, novelty goods and specialized services continue to thrive. It’s a safe, yet smart investment. Secondly, sports won't be going away time soon and what better way to enjoy a custom piece that can also deliver a great return on your investment. If you don’t believe me, read this Wall Street Journal article on investing in sports art. 






If you still have a question or aren't sure what to do next, feel free to fill out the simple form below and I or my wife (my business manager) will be in touch to answer! Thanks for the interest!!

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