R. Pierick Smith 

Artist Statement

Sports as a subject matter was how I started my current career. I knew I had to make money, so I figured popular imagery or subject matter would help.  I’m not ashamed, as an artist, to choose this as my subject matter; it reaches a wide demographic. The process and materials were born from my wish to make approachable art.

My creative process is the control that I enjoy while doing these. The subject matter is pretty loose and easy to digest, but technically I want to be perfect in my execution.

Welcome to my website! Here you'll find more about me as well as examples of both sports fans and professional athletes reacting to my art.

If you're looking for handmade, one-of-a-kind, custom artwork then you've come to the right place. Commission me to create your very own piece (learn how here) or browse the poster prints and jumbo magnets available for purchase here

Enjoyed creating and sharing some of my sports art with Mr. Long. 



"I got my piece today and I'll say it again. I'm more than blown away. All the detail and the colors are spot on. Even the visor on Champ's helmet. You will definitely be getting more orders from me to start a collection of your work. Thanks again for the time and effort you put into your work. It's definitely worth the waiting list your building."                                                                                                      - Satisfied Customer, Spring 2014

"Just got my package!! Unbelievable!! Looks even better in person. I almost cried! Thanks so much and I'll be chatting soon about another piece."

  - R. Pohlman, November 2014                                                               




As an avocation, I was filling sketchbooks, notepads and boxes of loose copy paper with drawings since before I can remember. I graduated cum laude from the University of Wisconsin-Whitewater in 2004 with a Bachelor’s degree in Fine Arts: Illustration and 2-D Concepts. As an occupation, I have only been creating art for just under 3 years. I came back to art after 6 years of post-college corporate work. Best decision I ever made. I realize how lucky I am for being able to say I'm a sports artist.

Check my FAQ page or Product Information page for answers to some basic questions you might have on commissioning a piece, and thank you for your interest and support!! 

--R. Pierick Smith (Paintin' Manning)

QUESTIONS? EMAIL ME: pierickinfo@gmail.com